Motorcycle Safety Tips That All Riders Need to Know.

Motorcycle Safety Tips That All Riders Need to Know.

With everything going on in the world today, a motorcycle ride can be the perfect escape. Leave your worries behind, put that helmet on, and head for the open road. Wearing proper protective gear can help keep you safe in case of a crash but having good riding skills and a strategy can prevent a crash from happening in the first place.

Here are steps you can take to reduce your risk:

  • • Invest in a strong helmet and jacket for added protection in case of an accident while riding.
  • • Wear correctly sized gloves to ensure proper handling of your motorcycle.
  • • Never ride tired. Only ride when you are alert and awake.
  • • Always keep at least a 20-foot distance between you and fellow riders.
  • • Use the “outside, inside, outside” path of travel.
  • • When riding in a curve, remember to start at the outside part of your lane, move to the inside part of the curve, then back to the outside. This will straighten out the curve.
  • • Always be aware of escape routes in case you need to bail out of a sticky situation.
  • • When riding with others, don’t try to keep up with the group. Stick to a speed you are comfortable with.
  • • Be extremely wary of other vehicles, especially semi-trucks.
  • • Follow all traffic rules.
  • • Be a defensive rider.
  • • Never assume that a neighboring driver can see you. You should always ride with your headlights on, stay out of a driver’s blind spot, signal well in advance of any change in direction, and make sure to watch for turning vehicles.
  • • Keep your riding skills honed through education.

Whether you’re driving a car or a motorcycle, the rules of the road are the same but driving a motorcycle requires different skills than a car and a few extra steps to make sure you stay safe on the road. Follow our five motorcycle safety tips below and make sure your next ride goes smoothly.

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